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Just a lady manning the grill !

The Steak Challenge

My husband and I love the grill but when he is deployed, CQ duty, or field . It’s up to me to doing the grilling . I have been wanting some steak for dinner for a while and it’s way cheaper then going to a steak house and paying well over what I would pay for it at the store . Yes Plus my kids don’t always eat it all but if it’s something I cooked then yup they may eat it .

Step Back Mad Scientist At Work

I went to the store got my steaks and had no clue how I was going to season them . So I just created my own recipe . Now it can sometimes backfire but then again It may not . I just started pulling spices I saw my husband use for grilling and marinade the steaks because I think it will taste better .I feeling like it makes such a difference in the flavor of the meat . One trick my dad has done since I was  a little girl is putting beer over the meat when it’s on the grill . He always said that it keeps the meat juicy and seals in the flavor . I tend to like cook with wine since I like to drink it and can always use it on the food for dinner .


What you will need :

1/2 teaspoons McCormick grill mates applewood seasoning
2 teaspoons McCormick garlic and parsley powder
1/2 cup Sherry wine
A couple of pinches of Pink Himalayan sea salt


After Dinner Update

I have to say the kids loved every bite of the steak and so the experiment was a success . The steak came out so good ,juice , flavorful and  all are gave everyone the sleepys . Which I think means that it came out great and the husband want to put me out on the grill more often . Yeah that’s not happening buddy but glad you guys enjoyed the meal so maybe this momma can get the kids to bed early and sleep in .





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