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Keeping The Memories Alive


The Anger And Pain


Being angry and sad is the first part of the process . Losing my grandfather and great grandmother was the hardest part for me . Even at a young age they were the center of my world . Being from a broken home and dealing with that . They helped me understand how to move on in life .Keep your spirits up and hope tomorrow is better . Now that pain will throw you threw a loop . If you let it . It will consume you before you know it . Remembering running track in highschool .Trying to outrun the pain till ending up having a seizure on the track .Waking up being carried off the track was not a fun way to wake up either .



Celebrate Them Everyday


What helped in my case was just celebrating them everyday . Remember those lesson they spent time teaching me growing up . My grandfathers was always looking for the humor in everything . A hard lesson to actually practice but yes it will keep a smile on your face . Great grandmothers was always give a plate of food to those that come by . Some people have hard times in life . Not enough food, water , etc . They are sometimes to proud to ask for help in need . Always wrap up a to go plate just in case . At least they know you sent them with a plate of food . Everything always seems better on a full stomach and some sleep . Yes a typical grandmother for you right LoL.


Can’t See The Light


Sometimes that pain can just take you to a very dark . You’re not alone even if it seems like you are . There are so many people out here that would lend an ear to hear you talk . Sometimes even cry to let the pain go . Even the strongest people in the world have to cry sometimes . If you feel like you want to end it please reach out for help . There are places where people will call you to talk . Even text you till you get in a better frame of mind . If friends or family are not here for you please reach out . Again you’re not alone in those feelings . You may even be surprised by the amount of people who will come and help . By you living each day of your life . You carry them in your heart .by remembering them you keep their memories alive and well .


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