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Let’s hear That Roar

The Lesson

In life there will always be a time where you have to start looking deeper. Maybe reading in-between the lines of certain things in  life.Asking yourself why is it so important to impress others? why do people take such pleasure in tearing others down? I never understood that. it takes so much more energy to pass on negative emotions than help building someone up.Life lessons teach us how to deal with those emotions.

Inner Work

this is where the real work begins.remembering how nobody can make you happy. That’s an inside job. We are the only ones who can do it. There are many ways in which you can start that whole process.For some it’s writing, working out, therapy ,music, or art . My Start off was to start working on myself with that internal dialog. we wrote a blog post all about that process. if your interested click on the link here to read it.  What Inner Dialogue Looks Like 



Lets Get motivated


understanding that we all have things that we all go through things. That you can’t just out run everything that hurts . you don’t have to push it down and close yourself off either. Thats where some time by myself even if it’s just an hour to myself . distance can help with those feelings. understanding where and what your upset at as well. pushing my body to the max in a workout really brought those negative self talk to the surface. cleaning up that side and being responsible really helped.

Don’t talk about it; Do Something


by pushing blame onto to others it frees you from taking on the responsibility of owning it. it’s your fault ! ok what then ? focusing so much on the problem and never the solution is the craziest thing. yes I can own that part of my life.Now looking for ways to make it better . can I change it ? yes or no ? if you can then get to work. if you can’t find something that you can change. nine times out of ten it’s your reaction .


Hear Me Roar


Looking back at those times where I had this void.having taking the time to just roar one good time for all those painful times. All of those people that took time to hurt me in some way,shape, or form. Maybe there are others that could understand that feeling just like me. Writing my poem called empowerment is just that. it’s ment to empower those that things do get better. you don’t have to stay knocked down and you can get back up . take back your power that you gave to someone.get back to living your life as if you knew your own expiration date. may it be a voice for those that feel that have none.



aren’t you tired of trying to fill that void

that hole that full of pain and sorrow

it sometimes makes you think you may not last till tomorrow

yet you still find the courage to rise

take another breath and keep your head held high

never letting anyone take another pound of flesh

from your weary bones that still continue to never give up just yet

with strength that comes from dealing with life during it’s troubling times

you still continue to rise

dispite others interference and throwing bricks of destruction your way

with those same bricks they keep throwing

you use each one  as stepping stones

for nothing can stop someone that refuses to give up

with people in your corner and an army of support

you reach higher than you ever thought you could before

one simply thought that now comes to mind

that no matter what you can’t knock my shine .

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