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Living In The Moment

The Heavy Words

When you use those words have to or has to be done . It can cause stress in your day . Little did I know how much weight those words cause .When your just focusing on getting things done in a timely matter . The kids don’t want to get up from the bed .The dog got sick out of nowhere . The truck had a flat tire while going grocery shopping with all your kids in a heat wave . Yes all those things can happen to you all at once and put you in a bad mood . Kids freaking out about sleeping in the parking lot of the commissary can be amusing .


Sunny Side Of The Street


Yes I had to throw that song in there because I so had to use it . When those moments of freak out happen. Take a deep breath first off . Secondly what can I learn from this ? Yes I said that . Ok lets Dive deeper shall we . Tire On an SUV goes Flat what do you do ? Can you change it yourself ? nope  Call your Insurance and let them know first . Then turn on the car so everyone can stay cool . Watch and Learn how to do it yourself . It can be such an empowering thing . Some people don’t think a woman is capable of changing a tire . Guess what we are . The next time it happens you can do it yourself . Plus it’s a lesson for kids on how to handle a stressful situations in life . You have to think your way out of things sometimes .


What’s Living in the moment ?

This questions comes up a lot when you’re trying to understand how to do it . So here it is . Simple engaging in whatever is around you . If you’re outside close your eyes and feel the cool breeze going across your face . Sun Shining down on your back and you’re feeling the warmth of the sun. Watching your children’s eyes light up as they play a new game with you . Hearing their laughter with all their heart as you tickle them . That’s what living in the moment is . Time is so precious and you will never get those seconds backs . They are in my opinion the most valuable thing we have . Once you start doing this you may soon realize the weight you were carrying around .



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