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To Many Choices And Scared To Choose.


Moving Along Than What ?


Isn’t that what happens in life ? Your traveling your merry way then a whole bunch of doors start to open for you . The problem while it’s amazing to have such great opportunities . Can leave you scared to make a choice . What if I make a bad choice ? It doesn’t work out like I want it to ? those are maybe some of the questions we ask ourselves . Last week we went over how to find those blind spots in our life . once you know whats blocking or stopping your choice in the matter . The how becomes easier somehow to make the decision . Find the blog post on that right here .

To Many Balls In The Air

I can tell you from experience I’am a juggler . Love juggling things around in my life . just to keep me from having to make that choice . it sounds so dumb as I write this and say it out loud . how many people out here do the same thing ? The turning point for me was realizing I would not follow through with all of those things . Every single ball that was up in the air stayed there because I never finished it .


Truth Bombs


Those very things were hindering me from doing the very things that would change my life for the better .sharing these nuggets of life lessons help others . To be honest those things were stopping my blessing from coming to me . that and fear of if I was good enough to finish it all .We all have dreams to do more,be more, and make a great living . The only thing stopping us from living that dream . Is the stories that we keep telling ourselves of why we can’t do it .Once we come to terms with that truth bomb . nothing can stop you in the possibilities are endless to us . Who says we can’t have it all ? not me .


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