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Welcome to Stephanie 380

I’m a fun-loving mom, student, and wife. I had lost track of who I was as a person and let my health issues break my fun-loving spirit.

A little About Myself


I suffered from a host of different medical issues and was bedridden at one time till I had a wake-up call. I was lost and did not know how to find myself again to make me happy.I felt stuck, envious at times because I was not conformable in my own skin anymore.I missed the person I very much use to be and needed to find that person again. After a very serious conversation with my husband was exactly the wake-up call I needed to get motivated to finding that girl again.low and behold I found her and much, much, more.


But before I share How, Because This is very important and personal to me , Let me tell you Why I’m doing This First, is that okay? The reason I decided to become a life coach as well as A motivational speaker. Is because wanting  to help people as well as my community as a whole . because knowing  what it’s like to let life get in the way and you forget the person you use to be. Life has taken you through the many peaks and valley. You somehow lost track of that self-confidence and belief in yourself. I would like to help you feel that energy, that spark of life that we are all capable of having.  My goal is to not only help you nurture that fire inside of you through motivational support, and pushing back at those self-limiting belief that we all have.As Well as to help families non-military and military families create 5 positive new memories. We encourage people to rise above that negativity of life and use them as stepping stones to go higher than you ever dreamed possible. To go above and beyond a 36o degree circle but to do a whole 380 turn mind, body, and soul.