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It’s Ok To Not Be Perfect

The Stress Of Life

We all know stress can lead to many things in life . Like gray hair , heart attacks , high blood pressure and less sleep . We never really think about it thou . If your like me welcome to my fellow perfectionist people . Where I take great lengths to make sure everything is perfect . The sad truth is that nobody is perfect . Sometimes it’s just great to enjoying the space your in . needing some help in this area ? click on the photo below to read our blog on digging alittle deeper .

Look Back At Times

Yes we have all had those amazing moments of growth . Not so great at the time we were all going through it . All the same we learned an amazing lesson about ourselves. Maybe it helped prepare you for the future . My mother always told me history repeats itself . So if you want to break that cycle . your going to have to change your way of doing and thinking . the stories we tell ourselves are some amazing ones . some honest talk is needed with yourself . know that you don’t have to tell anyone these conversations you have with yourself .We all have to do some soul searching every once and awhile since we continue to change .


Weight Has been lifted

Once you learn how to be comfortable in your own skin . it has a very freeing effect .The things that use to stress you out or drive you up the wall . no longer do that to you .people will start asking you what are you doing different ? new doors will start to open for you that you never thought even possible . be fore warned that once you make a change . life will try to push you to go back wards . the old you that you left behind . almost like life is testing your resolve . It will be so worth it in the end .

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