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Pie Crust For Baked Pumpkins

Sugar Pumpkins


When You Go food shopping and see the sale signs . You know you just have got to check it it right .  Fall was in the air and pumpkins were on sale as well to so . Also Needed to work on my pumpkin pies . Due to the fact that my last attempt was not very successful . They were not sweet enough which was the huge problem for the family . So you know Your girl had to get mad scientist in the kitchen . This was one thing will not stop me from finding the perfect healthy recipe . Healthy can be good but finding the balance of eating something that looks and taste sinful . Now that’s the trick that we all search for right ? If you want to bake the pumpkins whole . just pre-heat the oven to 350 and poke holes in said pumpkins . leave in the oven for 45 mins . everyone’s oven is different so time may vary . mine took one hour and 30 mins .


But First

You know the crust is everything for a pie . If the pie crust is not flaky,sweet, and buttery you’re not going to want to eat it . So therein lies the problem in itself . How do you get all that bad stuff that’s not good for you but taste amazing . Here comes the thoughts in my head on how to make it all happen . Using coconut oil, honey, stevia, and organic maple syrup . Oh yeah I know all those things don’t sound yummy but once put together . that’s a totally different subject altogether .



Wheat Pie Crust


This is my go to pie crust that I can use for all my pies . Crowd pleaser for sure in this house and decided to share it here . In case you’re looking for an amazing sweet potato pie that does not even taste like it . Try my coconut sweet potato pie recipe right here . Just click here to get it.

Now here is the pie crust recipe goes as follows:

1 cup of all -purpose flour

1/2 cups of whole wheat flour

2 teaspoons of stevia

1/2 cup of coconut oil

4-5  Tablespoons of ice cold water

Take a fork and poke holes in the pie crust so it won’t puff up . Then pour Whatever pie filling you would like to use in the pie crust .

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