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Proud Mommy Moment


Busy Little Mommy Bee


Sometimes When we get very busy as parents . We go into these robotic modes and trying to get everything done . We think our kids are not listening to us or what we say .When you least expect it they surprise you and show you . hey guess what I’m actually listening to you . It always surprises me sometimes and makes me so proud at the same time . Lets face it sometimes You feel like you’re failing at the whole thing and you’re really trying your hardest to be the best parent ever . Tho those moments are rare and few . They still show us we are not doing so bad after all .


I Got So Much To Do,So Little Time

Man I felt like that day I was like a chicken with it’s head cut off that day . Had to get those chores done,hair washed,workout ,cut grass and go to a charity event that night .  Busy was not even the word what everything I had to do that night . Plus shocking the kids when their dad comes home .Before I knew it time was running out and I just wanted to cry . Then while cooking dinner I was about to tell the boys to get ready for dinner . I turn and the girls are asleep and they are outside .Now as a mom that alone scared me because they always ask . ok all truth they forget the ask part sometimes but I usually catch them tho . I go look and both boys were outside . Not only washing my car but there father’s car without asking them to do it . Now that made my night and made me so proud that they took the time to just do it . That let me know that they really did care and we are not doing so bad after all .


I’m Not Failing As A Mom

Those are the moments for me that give me validation that I’am doing an ok job at raising them without my husband . Deployment is the hardest thing to have to go through but hello being out numbered can really kick your butt . Plus make anyone question themselves at times . Tho there are days my hair is falling out , running around lost , and wanting to cry . They always find as way to make me smile and cry to these kids of mine . For all those deployed mommy’s, daddy’s and all others . this one’s for you guys . we are not failing but we are surviving . high five guys . till the next time

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