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Random Acts Of Kindness

Depression Mode

Sometimes when you’re having a bad day . It can turn even a bad day turn worse . The trick to changing the tide is to know your triggers . How to redirect it as soon as you feel it coming or notice it .  When The feeling of not wanting to get up ,brush your teeth ,not even eating sometimes . That’s when I know it’s hitting me hard sometimes . The only way to shake me out of a mood like that is to get outside . Since it maybe raining that day which it was . It called for just grabbing an umbrella and going to walmart by myself . surprisingly that can be the most amazing gift to yourself ever. FREEDOM LOL


Redirecting It

If you’re like me helping others , making them smile or laugh is what changes it for me . Sunshine is always a big one as well something about the warmth of it . Reminds of the mountains of New Jersey. Climbing up a tree with a book in my hands . My mom when look for for me when she could not find me anywhere . once she knew to look up she did not worry so much . Except to hope I did not fall out the tree which thank goodness I never did .

Grandmother Was Right

She always use to say helping others takes your mind off your own problems. Makes you feel even better than before . Yes your problem may still be there after you finish helping . You will be more calmer , focused, and did a great deed . I can’t even explain the amount of joy You get when helping others with the most simplest tasks . Sometimes we forget that we don’t have it nearly as bad as the rest of the world . Just taking that time to realizes that makes everything seem easier somehow . Like My mom always says once you’re in a better frame of mind the answer you’re looking for will become easier to find .

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