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Remix Is Better Sometimes

Perfect plan

I did this live video event on Facebook a week ago . Let’s just say I had everything planed accordingly . Well let’s just say the internet went down , picture was fuzz . It was a mess . I had to think on the fly and do it again . I felt so horrible that everything I had work hard on just went down . Guess what happened ? It did better than I ever imaged. It kind of helped me to remember that sometimes the remix is better than the original version .

Failure lessons

I also forgot the biggest lesson of all . I learned this lesson because I’m a middle child . Now I like to think of myself as pretty smart . My sisters would make the mistakes and I learned from them . Fast forward to the now adult version of me . Failure allows us to begin again only a littler more smarter . We know what not to do . It’s all in how you look at it .

Lemons Into Lemonade

We always hear that saying in life . My mother for one was no exception to it . I swear she has a saying for everything in life . Mothers are so like right ? We all have lessons that we learn everyday in life . From some of those lessons we learn more about ourselves than before . We stumble upon our strength when life lessons get hard . The lessons begin when we can move on from the mistake .Changing your mindset is actually what it’s called . when you start to look at things from this point of view it will change your life. More things will start to move towards instead of against. You Learning something instead of fearing it . As my son says to me all the time . Momma the remix is way better then the original version.


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