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Sacrifices Include Us As Well

I’m To Busy


Sounds familiar right ? Yeah I think we all say this at one point or another .We all have hopes and dreams that we are working towards . But we never seem to get there . Something is always getting in the way. You have lost track of where you were going and what your doing . You keep telling yourself that someday you will get there .Yet still only do half the work . Complaining to your friends and family. How you wish you just had the time to take care of business . Finally you start to look back only to realized your lying to yourself .


Time To Face The Music


This is ones of the hardest steps to even have the courage to do . Taking stock in everything only to get a reality check right in the nick of time . Ain’t it funny the lies we can come up with to make ourselves feel better ? My grandmother always said to do your best on whatever you decide to do . The great thing about this is you have the power to take control over this . How ? Stop only doing the bare minimum and start giving your all in whatever you wish to accomplish .


Stronger Everyday

Once you start being real with yourself and what you want . the problem is we all get very comfortable with where we are at . Let today be the day that you start getting uncomfortable .  Because when you do things start to move in a better way .The rest is going to take some work to get there. Change around the time you wake up , look at where your time is going during the day . That way you can start making the changes that you need to . After all The biggest question is what do you want out of your life ? do you want to simply exist ? or do you want to live ? Because me my friends I wanna live .


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