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Stepping up to the plate

Confession from the soul

I never thought that one tweet would lead me somewhere . I first listened to the radio and asked a question . Do you really have that much fun on the radio ? My mother always told me be careful what you ask . They replied back come on in and find out . I went there with my twin girls and my mom . Pumping in the car for the girls . It was my first time on the radio . The reality was I was dealing something that is very common to very many people . the way it came out was through the work I have been doing recently . That it still very much affects many of us but the empowering feeling of just saying it out loud.


Ppd and depression

I never told anyone on that amazing day I was really struggling to keep it together . I had postpartum depression in a very bad way . On top of all that I also had to have a hysterectomy 8 months later after the girls . So I had to stockpile breast milk . That means waking up every 2 to 3 hours around the clock . My husband said babe are you sure ? What did I say yup I can . They doctor had told me that the danger with having twins is double the hormones . I suffered depression with both of my boys but this was different .I felt like a failure,bad mom, . I had some spinal nerve damage on top of it the depression . Half my body could not hold my newborn daughters without giving out on me . My mother came to help me with the kids while I breastfeed . One twin was in the NICU for about two weeks . She was so tiny and could not regulate her body temperature . Throw that into the mix and you have got one crazy momma with a lot on her plate and mind .


Asking For Help


Finally I had enough for just faking it for my whole family . I told my mom that we need help with this . I had gone into my doctor’s appointment and just opened a flood gates . from there I got the help I need for a therapist . We made it through that crazy time where I thought every possible bad though there is for a women . I opened up about it online with my facebook . My fitness is a way for me to release stress for myself .it feel great about myself in some skinny jeans . I also found that working out does help people with depression as well . Once I opened up about it well A lot of women came to me and we all just started talking . The only way things will ever change is by opening up and asking for help .


Slow to speak and Quick to listen


That is part of the reason I have this website now . We are all different and we all have different issues . Whether it’s food,motivation,or depression . Here is a safe place where you can pour your heart out and we will help you in any way we can . First and foremost if you need help don’t hesitate to ask . We are always hear to help and lend an ear .



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