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Take A Breath

Taking A breath


I know I’m not the only one that more often then not . I always push myself to the back burner . I know it took me a while to understand that everyone needs some self – love . I have learned that as a mom we all need to step away and just enjoy the day with the family, parents, friends .

Self-Care is ok

Now I know this day and age sometimes it may make you feel badly for taking that break . I know back in the older times it was in heard of to take some time to yourself . I had a great friend once tell me . Stephanie your shoulder are strong but can’t bare the burden of the weight of everyone else’s needs . Eventually everyone guys hits the wall of no return and that my friend is not a nice wall . Just to let you know I met that wall once when I was breastfeeding the twins . I lasted nine months waking up every two to three hours a night to pump milk . I did it because I wanted to give the best of myself for my girls . I had to admit that I had to sometimes just sleep through a pumping session and take a nap . I can say I lasted 9 month before I could not do it anymore .

It’s ok to say no

I could before Trust me don’t feel badly . There times that you take care of what needs to be done and forget the rest . Tomorrow is another day and it’s time for me . I turn off Facebook, classwork, phone, or whatever else could take me away from some rest time for myself . Trust me you will come back to your family with a full battery and ready to take on the day .



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