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Taste the Fruit Infused Ice Cubes

Ice cubes don’t have to be regular bland ice. Why not jazz up your cubes during the heat of the summer? In fact, these are tasty, pretty, and handy to have around all the time when you are getting in your water.

What is Infused Ice?

Use fruit or vegetables in your water and covert to ice. To do this, you simply juice, dice, chop, or puree in your home high-speed blender. Next, pour that juice, chunks, or puree into your ice cube tray and freeze. Add those cubes into your water, and enjoy it!

Using infused ice is a subtle flavor and color in the cup. People use the fruit-infused ice in water- both cold and hot, seltzer, iced and hot tea, and in mixed drinks.

Two Easy Recipes

Very Berry
Mashup 1 cup of chopped raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries. Take the mixture and divide it up into the ice cubes trays. Fill with water after you add half a berry in each spot of the ice tray. When you do freeze this be sure that it stays in the cold long enough to be solid. Pop them out to add some berry fun.

Use 2- 3 chopped lemons with some water in your blender. Mix at high speed until smooth. Pour that mixture into the ice cube trays, top with water, and freeze. For some added fun, you can add a thinly sliced piece of ginger in each of the spots on the ice tray!

Some Tips for You
Try these in coconut water too.
Look for silicone ice cube trays for easier, flexible access to the cubes.

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