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The Past Can Make Your Or Break you


The Past

The past often has such an impact in all our lives. So much so that we even think that we have to become a different person in order to move forward.We either run from the past or we confront that pain.For some it’s too painful to do just that so we just keep reliving that vicious cycle of pain. For others that do confront that pain it may seem very much like your battling yourself. I can tell you that once you do get some type of closure from that past. It can feel like a weight is being lifted off you.

The Blame Game

We as human being want to find blame for something. Especially if it has been a past wrong. Almost like life has a funny way of providing that validation. hey your right to blame this person for that. People often get focused on being right all the time that they then go into the ego zone. Ask yourself this. Is whoever did the past wrongs to you. Are they losing sleep over it ?  Reliving it? At The end of the day it’s all about making them feel the same pain that we felt. Even sadness or losing sleep like we did. Sadly enough it does not always workout that way. The only person suffering is us. You can’t change what happens in the past. It is your responsibility to find a way to deal with those emotions that are clouding your judgement. We wrote a blog post on just this topic The vicious cycle heres a blog post on just that.



Getting  Closure

There’s something about writing a letter. That is more personal then anything . Now I say this because the mind will try to get in the way of what your doing . You Don’t have to read it to the person at all. this is your letter. Pour into it all of your emotions . the ones your scared to say out loud . Let it all out in that letter. Once you do take the letter and burn it . then move on with your life. leave it all where it belongs in the past and step forward . embrace your present life with open arms . So you’re able to look at the future you never even thought possible.




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