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Try Sand Instead of Weights

Now more than ever, people are filling up a sandbag and making some fitness moves. You can often use sandbags instead of weights or kettlebells on some exercises. Playground sand and sandbags are available at Amazon and some sporting goods stores.

Sandbag Use Benefits
You can increase muscles and sculpt while burning calories with your sandbag work. A great thing about the sandbag is the ability to increase the weight of sand when you advance to higher levels. This gear will increase your workout levels and add a twist that brings new intensity in different ways to challenge you.

Some Sandbag Moves

Press Jacks
The traditional Jumping Jack can turn into a press jack when you do the same foot movements but raise and lower the sandbag over your head. A great cardio move.

Weighted Squats
Grab your sandbag instead of weights or dumbbells and squat with the sandbag against your chest. Be sure to keep your back straight and lower your rear. Be careful not to lean forward. Use good squat form.

Sandbag Pull-Throughs
Position into a strong plank position on your hand and toes. Place a sandbag on the ground to the right, somewhat outside and behind your right hand. Grab the side of the bag and pull it straight across to the left past your hand. Repeat this bring the bag back and forth across without breaking your plank.

Can you think of other moves you can do?

Who is ready to go to the hardware store to buy playground sand? Yes – that same sandbox sand.

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