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Turkey Meatloaf Italian Recipe

My Favorite Childhood Comfort Food

This has to be my hands down favorite comfort food from when I was a child . My grandmother had a saying that if you can cook , it does not matter how or what it is you will make it taste good . love my grandmother and her logic about food and cooking it . She is the type that if she is serving you a plate of food and she asked you is this enough ? She would put an extra spoon full to make sure it is enough . These are the memories that make me smile even writing this blog about meatloaf,ain’t it funny . Inspiration strikes at the most craziest times for me and my favorite thing to do is take my families old school recipes and give them a healthy shine to them . Heck I have even been known to take on the challenge of baking and came out with some amazing cakes and pies that are always a hit at thanksgiving to . Please remind me of those later on if you enjoy these recipes as much as I love sharing them .

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What started out as a challenge has now become a labor of love and an outlet for all my mad scientist recipes.I can tell you for a fact that as dinner cooked in the oven tonight and the smell filled the whole house and my friends were texting me because you can actually smell my food down the block .Yes my friends have said it to me and we often have a mommy’s wine and eat night because I end up making to much just for my family .Then we all try to out do each other which in turn becomes a fun competition for us wives and  our husbands well they get to enjoy all the good food and all the beer they can handle . lets face it guys are pretty much happy as long as the food is good and they get sleepy . My grandmother always said that is how you can tell when the food was good . You get so sleepy that after you eat you need a nap.

Turkey Italian Meatloaf Recipe

1 lb of ground turkey
Optional (1/2 lb of lean ground beef )
2 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon of oregano
2 tablespoon of pink Himalayan sea salt
3 cloves of garlic
1/4 of a cup of parsley flakes
1 jar of classico pasta sauce

Oven set to 375 and mix all together but be careful not to over mix it the ground meat
Form a loaf out of the meat and put in a pan and cover it with aluminum foil for 45 min
After take it it out of the oven  and take off the foil
Cover meatloaf with pasta sauce and put it  back in the oven uncovered for another 20 min
(Note everyone oven is not the same some run hot and some don’t so please watch your meatloaf .)
Let it set up before serving for dinner and can be paired with mash potatoes as I did for dinner tonight for my family .

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