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We All Just Need A Hug

Feeling Of Sadness


We all have those rough times at different points in life. Nine times out of ten we are always the strong one . who maybe never ask for help or cry because we are always the one giving the shoulder to lean on in everyone else’s hour of need. Then the rubber hits the road and you just feel it .Everyone else’s emotions all over you and your in this mindset of sadness. How do we break through those times or points in our life ? That’s what this poem is all about . that point where your not thinking logically and your just feeling everything all at once. I titled it Embrace .


 There are days where I want to come out and play.

I feel this sadness inside makes me feel empty for days. 

In house full of people how can I feel so alone.

Some say that’s impossible but it’s not true today.

I walk around and people look right through me.

Can’t see how many scars I have  and some still bleeding.

Hurry up and  put on that fake smile. 

Walking around looking for some open arms to reach me .

Can’t you see that sadness right in my eyes. 

Don’t they say eyes are the windows to the soul.

maybe I’m just here to play my role.

till I find my purpose I have to stay strong.

There’s people out here who have a lot more going on.

I should count my blessings and not complain. 

I ask that god please grant my wish today.

Hold my hand and help me lead the way 

To where I can finally find that open embrace.


Catch & Release


I love the term catch and release . It’s the best way to describe that method of self expression when it comes to sharing your feelings. when your around people who take a toll on your emotional balance, it may leave you in a negative state of mind . release it into the world. Weather it be poetry,song,dance,artwork, or fashion. That’s your way of connecting that emotina and sharing with others. You may be surprised with how receptive most people are to others when they do share it.There is a tradition where they honor the memory of a loved one with a paper lantern. they light them up and send them up in the air with maybe there thoughts or prayers. we did a blog on the feeling drained . click here if you would like to check it out .feeling drained ?



In Your Hour Of Need


For some odd reason there are people that just show up in your life.Now these special people can always just sense when your in need. please tell me I’m not the only one ? it alway happens I can expect a call ,text, or a message from someone. Those are the friends to cherish the most.You don’t even have to say anything to them. they just show up and check on you. almost like there is a connection between you and them . that’s a deep emotional connection.


Put Your Brave Face


There’s something about that we always have to fake it to make it. You don’t want people to see us at our most vulnerable points in life. why ?  Think it’s a fear that someone is going to hurt you or tell your pain points in life. That’s how people connect with you . they see you have something in common with one another.Once that happens your able to be your true self. Not put on this fake mask on everyday so that others don’t see the true you. Just so you know we all do it . Think instagram ? We all think that person is perfect. trust me they are far from perfect . at the end of the day we all have our own insecurity . some are just better at hiding them from the world then others . Plus if you have kids then the added pressure to not let them see your pain or anger.  that’s a tough one to follow. kids are so observant and more so than we think. My kids know when I’m having a hard day . How I don’t know they just try extra hard . maybe it’s a cup of coffee that they make for me . or my eldest will make breakfast for everyone .  We were born to be real not perfect. So as I like to say make the imperfect perfectly for you my friends.

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