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Welcome Home Deployment Surprise


Spilling The Beans


Yes you guys read that right . Being so excited for him to finally get here . Then having two surprises waiting when he got here . Maybe it was to big of a secret to hold in . Maybe I was running on the wave of excitement. That well you guessed it . It all came flying out of my mouth . LOL he laughed so hard at me . Well 15 years of marriage and you would think I could keep this a surprise . This was a fail on those surprises for sure .


The Turn Around


Well since The beans were spilled on that surprise. Coming up with a new plan of action was high on the list of things to do . Thinking maybe I could wait outside the gate once he goes to pick up his bags . Seeing how on Facebook a friend had did the same for her husband . Making sure we did not speak for a while was a must . Having already tripped up the first . There will be no repeats . Last minute clothes had to be chosen . Talking with friends and outfit options had to be done . My little sister kept the kids . So the second part of the surprise the kids still did not know he was coming home that night .

Daddy Has Landed


Had to leave early because did not want to let traffic mess up the timing . The first two parking lots were full so had to go to the 3 level . Of course driving for an hour I had to use the bathroom . Then remembered had to eat because it would be late traveling back . We decided that he would send me in first . Then he would follow in behind me so the plan was perfect . Well as to not give it away or the moment leading up to it . I posted the video of it above . After all you guys have been with me throughout this deployment . Wanted to share an AMAZING memory we created as a family . Hope you enjoy ?

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