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What About Us ?



It Started As A Thought


After a heck of a ever had the hardest week of your life? Like it was just one thing after the other happen.what else can happen?then it starts why me ? haven’t I been through enough?after that you put it all on your shoulders. gotta find a way to fix can fix this?funny thing about that also forgot that your human.there are going to be days where it gets toughs.while cleaning my kitchen as I was stressing.The truth hit me in the head.why are you stressing so much over something you have no control over?



Broken Promise


maybe I’m not the only one to do it.Then you start beating yourself up over it.this lesson was learned a long time ago. why are we going backward instead of’s that good old cycle trying to get you to back up again.habits are just that habits.when those habits comes back.old feelings of being the black sheep in the family. seeing things in a different light.My mother loves to say people will try to make you lose your inner peace.they want you to fight and get out of shape.don’t allow anyone or anything take that from you.


Time to break the funk


when it comes to shaking myself or the kids out of a bad mood. music is our go to thing to do.At this time it was pink’s what about us.that song was playing and it just had me thinking . she is right! what about us?There are so many others going through way worse situations in life.The single parent working three jobs to take care of her children,the widowed father who has to learn how to do his daughters hair.The recovering addict that gets stared at while he or she picks up his medication.


Your not alone

Those are all examples of everyday struggles that some people go through in life. they have it so much more harder than I do.why am I being ungrateful,stressing,and crying over nothing? yes it may sound harsh but those are the thoughts that come to my’s ok to not be to those around you if you feel like you need groups ,going outside and enjoying some sunshine. trust me there’s nothing like taking that negative energy and turning it into something positive.we all have things we are going through.make sure that your circle stays positive.


Make Your Happiness expensive


yes I said mother always said make your happiness so expensive that negative nancy can’t afford it.the minute you start changing the people you hang around.your mental clarity will be’re more inclined to want to go out. be apart of the world.That bubble of fear starts to get smaller.the feeling of being alive and grateful for everything life has to offer you.yes that includes the struggle at times as well. as crazy as it may seem. it also shows you how truly strong you really are as a person.uplifting those come to mind at those times.

What About Us


What about us
The Warriors
The fighters
Those of us that many consider survivors
Fighting that battle everyday to let that inner demon not win
Many days and nights we silently cry
Wish and praying for that guiding light to continue the fight
Taking it step by step and day by day
The thoughts come to mind just give in
In the same breath the strength comes in
Nope not tonight
Today is not the day
You fought to hard and you won’t win
You may think you have no one around
I have an army of support and love ones cheering me on
Even my love ones from the far beyond
I can say without a shadow of a doubt
That I will never have to ask or say what about us ever again.

the hugest mistake we make in my opinion is we don’t stop and take a look around us.there are so many people that love and care about us.that we never even take notice of it.Live your life as if you already saw your expiration date.we live, we grow, we learn something new everyday.


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