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When It’s Time To Let Go


Wisdom From Our Elders


Defiantly love talking to our elders. They just possess such wisdom in almost all matters.As usually what happens a question pops up in my head.while I give my mother a look that says hey mom can I ask you something.she says sure Stephanie. How do you know when it’s time to move on? I said grandma what do you think? as I smile and she say you still ask the most hardest questions.we all laugh at that then she proceeds to say if it causes you more pain then happiness it’s. then it’ time to move on in life.



Am I Broken ?

Funny how when your younger you see things with a rosy pair of glasses. As we grow older those trials and tribulations.they start to take a chunk out of those rosy colored glasses. Thoughts of can I make it ? Will this choice make my parents proud? Am I making the right decision? We make the mistake of burying those feels. Never even realizing that the glass is filling up quick.Someone once told me you can’t drink from an empty cup. That statement alone is very much true. 

Can’t Drink From An Empty Cup 

Sitting down with others and just simply having a it be a support group , therapists or helps feed your soul in some ways. It is definitely my belief that as human being we crave interaction with others.sharing a simply meal and a great conversation helps the soul. Maybe your a person that simply likes to give back to others. 



Dealing With Those Complex Emotions 

You hear so many people talk about surviving something.the one thing you don’t hear so much about is how they deal with it. Those emotions on a day to day basis. That’s where this poem power came from.we mistakenly assume that after the dark period of time. The person has moved on with there life. In some cases that doesn’t happen. It take hard work on the survivors part to continue moving forward. 



The power that you never knew was inside of you 

In hibernation wondering if you will ever let it out from inside of you 

All the trials and tribulations that you been through 

As you keep walking forward you can see people stare 

But as you turn around there’s no one there 

Can’t help but wonder if your going crazy 

No your my friend , you inner demons were just there 

Whispering In your ear your going to fail 

As I take a deep breath in to get myself mentally prepared 

We sit and start to write all the pros and cons 

My mom always said the way you move on 

If it brings you more pain then happiness to your life 

It time to move on 

So carry on with your head held high 

And your serenity firmly in place .







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