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Why It’s So Easy To Speak Online Vs In The World ?


Morning Call

Every morning I call my mother . Yes we have been over this many times .I’m a momma’s girl to the fullest. This is not something I’m ashamed to admit either . This morning A thought had hit me . Why is It so much easier to talk online vs in person ? Never thought in a million years . people would actually benefit from what you may have to say . Maybe because sometimes your more of an introvert vs an extrovert type of person . either way that one thought had to be asked and shared with the world. after all they say the pen is mightier than the sword .


Online World

You have a thought in your head . Hey maybe there are people just like me out here so you just break out the phone and hit record . never thinking it will go anywhere . then before you know it . your actually outside participating in your community . helping others in many different areas of life . Now if someone tries to interrupt your thought process . the block button pops up boom gone. Your free to express yourself and even create an image of who you want to be . trust me they have a makeup app That applies it to a photo .

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Real Life

Always would get interrupted when speaking . Almost like everyone is looking at you . watching you to make a mistake . is your hair done nicely or not .Is your kids acting correctly while shopping ? those thoughts come to mind the most important thought of all .  should I just be myself ?We always think we have to change ourselves or conform for someone. Instead of just allowing us to just be who we are . people will judge you within the first 3 seconds of a meeting . they already formed an opinion of who they think you are .

Embrace Your Limited Edition Self


The online world can help you build tougher skin ,confidence, and friendship . you don’t have to just sit down and be a pretty face anymore . your thought and opinions have great value not only to others but to yourself. Everyone may not agree with you and what your saying . At least you had the courage to step out of that comfort zone and actually live your life on your terms . whatever those terms are. the hugest thing I have learned through this journey of self discovery is My purpose.





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