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Oven Roasted chicken

 My Love Of The Oven Roasted Bird

I’ll be honest here with you guys this recipe I made on the fly . YES!!! I just thought it up while I was thinking of what else to cook that someone like me would enjoy . I mean that and I was suffering from the lack of sleep because of my twin girls not sleeping to well last night and they are very scared of storms . So I went to the kitchen and was really drawing a blank when I saw my fast go to thing in there . The chicken !! My husband loves my oven roasted chicken because we can save the left overs for lunch and he usually makes himself a chicken Cesar salad with carrots, and apples on the side to take to work in the morning for lunch or if he it’s Saturday then he just eats it at home . I will say for my mad scientist moment I had my youngest son Gabriel who hates vegetables and saw us eating our salad asked me to let him try some just to see if he likes it . I was very shocked to say the least but he tried it and fell in love with it . It’s a rule in our house don’t say yuck till you try it. lets just say mommy win for me . OK back to big juicy aka the chicken . I was so nerves that you will see in the video I could not get the Weber grill seasoning top thing off . So side not it’s not one tablespoon of the just Weber grill seasoning sprinkle it on the chicken . The juice that came out of the chicken you could put it on some mashed potatoes or a side of garlic roasted red potatoes and corn on the side . There are so many things you could do with this chicken and pair it up with that . That is why I love it so much . I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed sharing a little bit of my love for food with everyone .

My Recipe Goes As Follows :

Oven roasted chicken
1/2 cup of sherry cooking wine inside the chicken and over it
2 tablespoons of pink Himalayan sea salt
1 tablespoons of garlic

Sprinkle all over your chicken Weber grill chicken and rib seasoning cover chicken in aluminum foil
Oven set at 375
2 hours and 30 mins
Take foil off
Put back in the oven till it is a golden brown

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