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Welcome To Stephanie 380

I’m a fun-loving mom, wife, student, public speaker, and coach. Had lost track of who I was as a person. Letting my health issues break my fun-loving spirit. Felt very much lost and not knowing how to find me again. Felt almost stuck, envious at times because I did not feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. After a very serious talk was exactly the wake-up call I needed. Low and behold I found her and much, much, more. The reason and my passion for helping people are because family is everything to me. Noticing that connection is the very driving force behind our family and team.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.


Our goal is to help you and encourage you to rise above the obstacles that you are confronted with on a daily basis. We will show you how to use these obstacles and convert them into stepping stones to go higher and embrace the realm of possibilities that are at your disposal and be at one in mind, body, and soul.

PTSD Resources

PTSD help local to fort Campbell KY. Chaplain Arnold works in conjuction with mental health services. He also offers EMDR treatment. Which is light treatment for post-traumatic stress.

Addiction & Recovery Resource

Dan Carpenter and the others have been overcome their addiction. It was hard to overcome it, but I can help you and I am happy if you allow me to assist you.

Personal development & Family 

A blog filled with poetry ,family & personal development.


Hear What People Are Saying:

"Thank you, It was, and will continue to be, You! You have made me want to keep going. I have 5 amazing babies that want to live for and you have shown me that I am not alone and I know that I can always trust you, without any judgment. You are an amazing women, God will continue to bless you for all that you do for others. I am actually looking forward to the next 6 months. You will, yet again, be the first to see my results. This round took me 3 months, so I am now giving myself 6 more, to finish what started, or at least become that much closer. I found my hope and I hope that I can help others as well. Also, Mrs. Marilyn Graham I too live in pain on a say to say. Sometimes I feel as it is unbearable, but I also hold my faith in God. Through God, all things big or small, are possible. My prayer are with you."

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