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Pushing The Ones You Love Away

Visiting a retirement home

In high school we went to the retirement home to visit the elders. it was one of my favorite things that even today love to do.with my kids even believe it or not.the stories you get the honor of listening to.the joy and appreciation they get from it fills my heart with start to notice that there are a few grumpy ones.for some reason or another they are my favorite.understanding that we sometimes push people away in order not to get hurt. in turn we also are the loneliest ones.

Leave me alone

The nurse always warns me before may want to leave this one alone .I usually thank them very much for the warning but let’s try it out.boy she was right . The first thing he said after I said hello was leave me alone.i said ok sir .hope we could have a conversation at some point.left him alone but I did ask about one ever visited him anymore at all. In turn he just gave up hope and trust along with it.that my friends broke my heart.

It’s a marathon; not a race

Trust is one of the hardest things to earn from people.yet it can be the easiest to break.just kept at it. Every time we would stop in . Made it a point to say hello . The same response would took me six months to get him finally break down.why do you keep coming back ? Because I just want to let you know I’m here to listen In case you want to talk.

The conversation finally


He smiled at me shaking his head. Your a persistent young lady. He shared his painful loss of his wife with me.he has three kids but they are just to busy. Plus he said his children remind him so much of his wife that he can’t bare it.he was a vet like most guys in the learn how to bury your pain till you turn into someone you don’t recognize.Before long you have closed yourself off from the people that mean the most to you.after all they do say it’s easier to burn a bridge ;than to build word i’m sorry is very hard to say for the end it may bring you peace.

Opening up

How many of us do the same thing to others ? Someone hurt us so badly or the pain of loss is to great.grief makes us into someone we are not at times.that Pain leaves us angry and just not ourselves.closing ourselves off from the very thing we my honest opinion we need to be social and have conversations with others.that person just may have the answer in order to heal or help the pain your in.needless to say we had as one great conversations turn he started to be nicer to the other nurses to.


Power of hope


Talking with others really does lighten the load on ones shoulders.even if it’s a support group, therapists,social media even. Yes there are people that may hurt your feelings but that can happen in life. Even at work , shopping or pumping gas. Look at how little toddlers for example are. No matter how many times they fall. They still get back up and try to walk. There is a quote that says darkness doesn’t last forever.the sun will always long as there is light , there is fuels the human spirit inside us all.



Hope is a feeling that many try to destroy
Your gifted with a purpose so go on and make some noise
Through the evolution of life may be the same
Many hold on to grudges and place blame
Often crying out loud why me Lord?
Saying over again I just can’t take any more
Doubt clouding judgment on bending knee we cry
At that very moment time
A crazy thought comes to mind
How many had it worse and made something of themselves
Is this fact or a lie I keep telling myself ?
My grandmother’s words play in my ear
You are perfect as you are my dear
Tho you may fall ; always remember
The Lord will never let you surrender .

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