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Welcome To  Fit Club

10 am Mondays Weekly 


What is Fit Club

It’s a group that will meet every Monday online from the comforts of your own home .For an hour workout, give up a habit for 21days , share meal prep tips , and share our family tested fake out recipes for 21 days . This is the start off point for most . You’re getting the feel for which workouts are your soulmate workouts . All the support within the group of many in the same place as you are .

What’s a fake out recipe

Great question it’s just substituting one ingredient for a healthy one kind of like a healthy swap out that the family will never see coming . It has actually become a game at my house for us to test new things out and to see if they can taste the difference . Some can taste it and some can’t for the most part . It’s retraining your way of thinking about food . Most of the time it cuts down the cooking time in the kitchen and taste amazing as well . There are endless possibilities .

What if I have more questions

We can schedule a time to get together and I can answer all of your questions or you can step it up to our VIP Group to take it up a notch we can do that as well . This is all for FREE of course .


How Do I sign Up

Just fill out the form below & we’ll take the next step!



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