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Are You Being True To Yourself


What it means


Sometimes finding the right words to express yourself is tricky . Maybe someone has said something to you that makes you rethink what was going to be said or done . If you just follow the in crowd then your not being true to yourself . Being who you truly are and acting as such . That’s living your truth to the fullest .It takes practice being confident and not letting the negativity of others get to you .


Stand in your power


You can choose to let what someone says to you affect you in two ways . Either it will define you or not . Who cares what anyone thinks . How many of those people really contribute to you or your family on a daily basics? The truth being none of them . How you react to is all that matters . What you have to say matters to someone out there . Maybe not to some but someone else may think so . We all see things in a very different light and differently. When you can wait into a room and not let what anyone else thinks about you . Thats what standing in your power is all about . Give them something to talk is what I say .


Limited edition


We are all different and unique in our own way . That’s what makes this world so amazingly beautiful. Embrace your own uniqueness in this world . Be different and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about you . Whoever does not like it can just get there scroll on . Yes so just gave my age away there . Every season has it time and reason . We out grow some people or we grow into them . Either way be happy with who you are . Remember you can’t control what people say or do . You can control if it affects you or not .


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