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Are You a Pizza Lover?

Pizza is a popular choice for family meals, dates, quick dinner, and lazy football afternoons. Pizza is loved by many people, but did you know that a recent survey showed... Continue Reading

Picking Apples

Apples are a favorite fall fruit for many people. Is it crunch time year-round at your house? Fall In the Fall, there are many farms that allow you to pick... Continue Reading

What About Us ?

    It Started As A Thought   After a heck of a ever had the hardest week of your life? Like it was just one thing after the... Continue Reading

My Last Wish

    The Nice Quiet Morning   There are plenty of days where your just on the go it may seems like. Today was rainy and cold which means netflicks... Continue Reading

Treasure Of The Soul

  Just Breath   You always hear that phrase this to0 shall pass.well when life hits you all at seem to forget that very phrase. it can seem like... Continue Reading

Learning To Love Yourself

This story comes from a friend of mine. Who wishes to remain anonymous.all the same it shows how even in the craziest circumstances. You can still triumph. The Beginning When... Continue Reading

Speaking Up

Afraid   I know that I strive to be truth about some experiences.things that happen to me or others in my life.the truth for me is that I lived in... Continue Reading