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Being Impatient With A Twist

What Is It ?


I’am the most impatient person in the world . I had to learn this lesson the hard way . Maybe it comes with age,life lessons and kids . The definition of being impatient is as follows restlessly eager . Now How many of us does that one definition describes to a Tee .Me I’ll be honest with everyone right now .Now two things can either happen from this either you stop yourself from reaching your goal or you’re to impatient . You’re so hungry for you to reach your goal that you block yourself from it . The process is taking to long for you so you just give up . Just wanted to be clear on those two points as best as possible .


Don’t Stop Believing

If someone came to you right now and said hey did you know that you were about to reach your goal if you would have never gave up ?? How would that make you feel ?? I would be so upset .To put all that time ,effort, energy  into something and just let it go away is such a waste . We all are living on borrowed time and life is so short . We don’t even know if tomorrow will be our last day walking on this earth . You want to give up on Your dream because of the time ,or people that won’t support you on it ?? It’s my belief that we are all given a gift in this world . How we choose to use is it is on us . Don’t let anyone including yourself stop you from your dream,or goal in life .


The Wrap up

It’s not easy by any means at all . Life will try and find a way to see if it can throw you some curves,twists , and turns . Just keep moving and don’t stop . Our greatest misfortune is that we never see our own potential . we are too busy believing what others say . worrying about what they thinking instead of how we feel . that gut feeling inside of us that pushes you to keep going . You want to know what that feeling is called Self believe . You may stumble,fall but dust yourself off and make it a part of the dance . In order for you to reap your harvest, it’s gotta rain . your pot of gold is waiting for you so let’s get up and get it together .


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