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Chasing The Someday Victory


Chasing The Future

Have you ever wondered why we always use the word someday? Talking with a friend of mine about the use of that word. Everyone has goals of where they want to be in our lives. we use the word someday in place of taking action so we can achieve the results we desire for said future. Instead of taking those daily actions. Grandma always said tomorrow is never promised. If tomorrow is not promised. Why do we continue to use the word someday as if we are certain it is? One out of several things I recently learned was about taking action now.


Lights, Camera, Action


By simply beginning to take action in our daily actions. On the life, you want to create for yourself. Wheather it’s financial, career, or health goals. That’s what will get you the results your looking for. To truly transform your life that you see for yourself. It all starts in the here and now. By being fully present and aware of where we want to be. It’s almost like a magnet starts to attract the things you see for yourself. That Balance of action and simply Being creates the Magnet. I recently wrote a blog post about how conversations can give you some perspective. click here to read it.conversations bring forth amazing moments



The Powerful Word Choice


With all that being said you also have the most powerful thing known to man. The power to choose !! That may have been the most profound thing that can hit you like a ton of bricks. We all have to live by the rules of life. That’s how the game of life is played. You can choose to really live your life to the fullest or you can continue to simply exist in it. Our possibility are endless. We are really the only ones who tell ourselves what we can and can’t do in our own lives. After all, it’s your life. Live it the way you choose to.



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