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Cuckoo Birds Everywhere Episode 1

Why Did I Say That ?


Yes I said it cuckoo birds . That’s what I tell the kids when they are starting to act crazy in the mornings. I titled this blog post that because We are going to talk about those issues .I noticed somethings about myself a while ago . Funny how when you remove all the distractions out of your line of sight . You start to see things and notices things like never before . Some people don’t like to talk about these issues but I do . Why ?? I know there are other people out here just like me . It lets them know hey you’re not alone out here . Sometimes knowing that you’re not alone makes you feel so much better at the end of the day .


Putting The Blinders on


I noticed that when I get stressed about life in general I would do certain things .Like nail biting,and fidgeting . Yes besides the fact that I have ADHD  and it all sounds like it’s normal . I would do it more often when stressed and even end up with a migraine headache .Once I talked to my doctor about the things I noticed it became clear stress and anxiety were behind it . I had to learn how to understands my triggers and why I would do these things. Like I always say once you know the why ? The how becomes easier so how .


Let’s get to work


Once I know notice I’m fidgeting more than usual . I stop and do some deep breath exercises . It helps release tension and calms the mind down .It could be the deployment is coming to an end,kids are going to be on vacation, to everyday life stresses . Once I feel like I don’t have control over something . The what if’s go running crazy in my head . That’s when I have to grab control of myself and my feelings . Remind myself that I can only control what is in my power to control . In the end it helps calm me down and bring back my zen mode . Can’t wait to talk about this even more now . Ready for episode 2 yet ? Because I am .



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