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How Do You Deal With Chronic Pain ?


Chronic Pain

It’s not something that is very talked about . You always hear about all the successes but not the struggles. That’s why this topic came up in a conversation with another friend . She deals with chronic pain as well . Her grandfather who is 90 years old gave her the most amazing advice that anyone could ever give someone. He said the secret is to always keep moving . If you sit down and do nothing you will feel the pain more . I agree with this 100% .With such good advice I just felt like I had to share it with everyone .




Sharing The Painful Truth


The hardest thing is to sit here and talk about chronic pain . It’s not an easy thing to talk about with everyone . Someone will look at you from the outside and just see someone in good health . Once you share how you really deal with the pain everyday of your life . How you focus on embracing the pain and just dealing with it . So that your life can move more easier and build upon your strength like never before . See you will never know how strong you are till you have to push back at life and the challenges we all must face . That’s when you start to build your self confidence .


Power Of Self-Belief

The funny thing about dealing with chronic pain is that it does make you stronger . You have two choices . Either you’re just going to just lay there and just let life pass you by . continue just existing in the fog of pain and feeling sorry for yourself. The other choice is to embrace that pain that you deal with and use it as fuel for your mind,body and spirit .Living a life so full of self-belief,strength, and joy . that you have no time for anything else but living and growing from it .

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