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Is Doubt Stopping Your Progress ?

What A Feeling !

Yup that feeling is pretty much excited,happy, and engines all up and running right now . You just had the most amazing idea ever and can’t wait to make it a reality . Then you start to have this little thought in the back of your head . those thoughts start to gain momentum quickly in your head . Before you know it your just giving up on that one amazing idea just because of a little thing called doubt . Funny how we let such a little thing like the what If’s in life get the best of us every time .


Morning Walk

Since coming back from an event we changed up our routine over here . In order to get things done when I needed them to get done . The alarm goes off at 4 Am ! The walk around the neighborhood does a world of good . Clears the head and most importantly get you out the away from everyone for just a little bit . Half way through your walk or run you start to feel a little mist or raindrops .  Your first thought is your phone will get wet,hair, and the worst nightmare ever . The MOM COLD !! All of a sudden you start to run home because lets face it . Theres no way you getting wet this fine morning . Then the crazy thought hits you out of no where as soon as you reach the safety of your house .

Did I Do That ?

Ain’t it funny how the look of shock comes over you when your realize that you just did the impossible . It motivated you not even think about all the reason why you can’t do it . Crazy what you can get done when your actually motivated to get it done . In other words doubt don’t live here anymore . Now my question to you is what doubt are you ready to overcome today ?

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