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Ego And Control go Hand in Hand

The Calm Before The Storm

As I just finished doing a Facebook live and messed up a good Five times . I would have erased that video and beat myself up for even trying . Now not so much because it’s pretty entertaining .It took me a while to get to this point of being so cool about it . Letting go of control has helped so much in this . I don’t have to worry about what someone else is thinking about me or how I look . Ego goes hand in hand with control as well .How do you ask I learned these valuable lessons ?? My Kids !!!


Kids Teach you Some Lessons

Lets Take you back to when you first had your babies . Remember how they would just cry ,cry ,cry . You of course were just trying to figure it all out and make your child stop crying .  Once you went down the list of things that it could be things changed . Once you know it’s none of that You go take a Time out . That is what you need to do for life in general .Now that is the first time where you learned to let go of control and ego . I use to worry about what type of parent I would look like . That is the ego talking and it has killed more dreams then you know . How are my kids going to act when we go out to eat ?? Yup My kids went nuts for a while there but I kept going out now they know how to act . Did people look at me like I’am crazy yup . They still do since I have twin girls but if you stop going out they will never learn . Also the Five Languages Of Love book helped me learn whats there love language . Yes I’am all about recycling Information and applying where it can give me the best benefit .


Be Like Frozen and Let It Go

It’s not the easiest thing to be a parent ,grandparent,aunt,uncle. Letting go of that control and ego is the most scariest thing to do but in the end . The weight that comes from the release of it is a blessing in disguise .It allows you and others to enjoy life and love our flaws and all . That my friend is a great feeling in the world .


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