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Finding My Voice Through Poetry


What Poetry Means To Me


It was a creative outlet for some to escape there feelings. For me before poetry it was like drowning in those emotions. They would stay with me for a very long while. sometimes to the point I would cry myself to sleep all night long. music has always been a huge part of my life.For anyone really . music has the power to lift spirits up when your down. make the best out of a bleak situation in life. not a rapper by any means at all . I speak from my heart and just let it flow from me.


As A child

Admitting to be a sensitive person is not easiest thing to do in the world at all. I took everything to heart and wearing very often on my sleeve. My mom who is a great lover of books gave me a book by Shel Silverstein A Light In The Attic. That one book changed everything for me. The only person who knew I even wrote poems was my mom. Plus I started out writing them because I stopped talking in school. it was like a therapy for speak about my feelings through the written word.


Poem Called Fading To Black


I wrote this poem in middle school . even forgot what was going on in my life at that time. Depression has no age limit and to say the least it is not a surprise to me . Would love to share it with you all . As it really captures the dark state of mind that I was in at that point in my life.


Fading To Black

Fading to black
Fading to black
Lieing on my bed
As I’m fading to black
As tears of joy roll down my face
My mind plays back what happened today

I’m fading to black
Fading black

No not even the sweetest joy or the greatest pleasure can bring my fading heart back

Because I’m fading to black
Fading to black
Not even you can bring this fading heart back .

After thinking on these emotions for a little bit. I felt called to write another one. Just having those feelings linger inside of me so with that came the birth of a new poem called rain. how can you describe what those really dark feelings are ? It can be a difficult process but all it takes is putting pen to paper. Taking a deep breath and just letting it flow through you.


Poem Called Rain


Drip, drip rain silently hit my window panes. Making me wonder if you feel my pain? Feeling sad, lost and broken No one to turn to. All I hear is that drip, drip rain following you. The tears coming from your eyes. Please don’t tell anymore lies. I see you breaking from the inside. On the outside that smile don’t reach to your very eyes. That drip, drip rain just keeps silently hitting you. I see the very way that you walk.You look like you really need a little talk .That weight you’re carrying on your shoulders. It’s a tough load let me unburdened those shoulders.The drip, drip rain makes that pain hurt even worse .Makes everyone think they are always alone at first.

In the darkness, you can never see that Hand Lifting you up, helping to guide you to the other side .Where that drip, drip rain can’t touch you .Don’t you know you have an army full of warriors? Spreading hope, power and belief Keeping you sheltered.

So that the drip, drip rain can’t even hurt you .


Healing Through The written word


Being pushed into blogging by a pretty amazing friend of mine. I’ll say more like a big brother to me. Has helped me even more with explaining my feelings. As we go through this journey that we call life. how I helped learn more about myself and the ways in which I can heal my own wounds that so many may not know I have. maybe it will even help others heal in there own way.



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