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Family get together

Let me start at the very beginning of how I got this recipe . I mean by now you guys know I love to talk about my family and friends right . My mom has a friend that is Hawaiian and Puerto Rican . She invited us over here house . As luck would have it she is also a twin . My kids love going over there as there is a lot of musical instruments and BBQ . She was cooking as always and the women are in the kitchen and the guys outside cooking and drinking . When we go to family get together we always bring something over . This time was no different. I had mad early an apple Carmel cheese cake which everyone loved .

BBQ was smelling great

I don’t even have to tell you how good the food smelled . One bite and I was in love ❤️ . I had to ask her what the recipe for this was . She gave it to me on the condition that I make a coconut sweet potato pie . Now in my family we always bring something over at get together . I think I will have to make this recipe and do a blog on it since I only make it for thanksgiving time . My nickname is betty Crocker because I’m always baking something . The kids do love that pie and sharing is caring . I said you got it lady . So she gave me the recipe as follows .


Korean Rib marinade :

Pack of Korean Ribs
A bush of green onions
3 cloves of garlic
Sesame oil
Soy sauce or amines braggs

Warning warning warning sesame oil is very strong so don’t add to much to it .
Once it’s done , throw on the grill and let it cook . Sides with it could be brown rice , red mash potatoes , roasted red potatoes .






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