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A lesson In Self Belief




My Boys And Bullying

the hardest thing as a parent is when you find out bullying is going on. we had tried before to get them involved in some sports before . all to no avail they just were not interested. no matter how many time we told him to fight back, tell a teacher, or tell someone. it was almost as if he just did not hear me. learning something from this lesson is that sometimes kids need to see for themselves what we as parents know to be true. that’s sports are so important because it helps them build friendships with others. it definitely was hard at first but they are so worth it.


the Karate Studio


When in doubt look took Facebook to for some recommendation on self-defense classes. I wanted classes that build the self-belief in children. The same recommendations for Harris and holt martial arts kept coming up. How great of a place it was for all kids and adults alike. The owner took the time to show them the introduction class about twenty minutes. This was the where it all changed for us. A lesson was learned here for both children and adults alike.

 Board Breaking


in the introduction classes, the boys had to break abroad with there hand. I’m freaking out inside. yet working on keeping my supportive yet calm self on the outside. you guys can do it. they had to do it without hesitation or they could break there hand. as they stand there getting ready to break there wooden board. they did it. they broke them. they were like I can’t believe I was strong enough to break this board. here is where the lesson of self-belief comes in. sometimes you have to see that you can do something with your own eyes before you can believe it. No amount of people telling you will change that. so go out there and do something scary and out of your comfort zone today. it can literally change your whole.

if you’re looking for a martial arts to take your kids. click here to see harris holts martial arts

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