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Life Has A Funny Way Of Healing You .

My Father

It took me a while to get to that point where I could even call him that. He left our life while he was an addict. There were some issues that he was going through at that time.All i could see was all the pain as a child . from not having him ,missing all the father & daughter dances,and missing those important moments in life. after all a fathers love is the the very first love you will ever know. it shapes the rest of your life right ? Now that I’m older and can see why it happened. being able to get some closure in that area is so important.



Inspired To Write


When viewing things from an adults perspective. I usually try to take out the morality out of it. Looking at things from what is acceptable for others morally. Will take away from What actually  happened in the past. Not that it was the correct thing to do. it was definitely wrong but he knows it. What pleasure is there in ripping a wound open again? There really is no healing from that. Finding a way to get those emotions out is so important. weather it’s through music,writing,blogging, or working out. it will keep the mind in a good place.

Poem Called Dear Mama


Now being in that place of vulnerability I felt inspired to write a poem for my mom. Before Reading it to her I was in tears crying about just because it was a very raw poem.memories came flooding back that you think is in the past. Hoping that maybe this poem maybe able to help someone else connect with that. So I’ll put that first on my video since it’s the whole reason why I started helping others in the recovery world. Once you understand something you fear . you take back your power and help yourself heal over time.

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