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Mindset Change With Redirection Tips

The Start Point


When I first heard about the mindset change I was like everyone else .What??? So I did what everyone else did . I just googled it and went searching for what it was . Since I started acting on . I have started to see a change in my everyday life . I started off with the meditation first . That was the easiest part for me to tackle first . Once I got that down I wanted to see if it would work for my kids .Hello mom of 4 kids here !! I need all the help I can get with my crew here . Thats where I struck gold redirection .


Gold Nugget For Me

I went to a parenting class to help me with the kids . I started listen to motivational things while driving them to and from places .I also started putting my quotes up where they can see them as well as me . I noticed that they started copying me as well . Quoting somethings in class that is  helped him distress during a test. Thinking about helping others ,as well as there family .I really started noticing the change in the kids . Which in turn helped me destress and calm down as well .


It’s Not Perfect ,Ok

Now I will say that we are not perfect angels all the time . We still have those coo coo bird moments as well . Yes that is  what I tell my kids and it always makes them laugh. Why ?? It changes their vibe and now they can hear me . Plus it also works on my husband to just putting that out there guys . No he does not even know I’am doing it sometimes . I have always heard Attitudes are contagious . It is so true , if you go in there with a calm mind . everyone else will follow suit . It may take 30 mintues to kick in but the odds are in my favor .


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