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Taking The Bull By the Horns

For me I look back at how far I have come . It is an amazing site to see for me to be in this place . Now don’t get me wrong it took quite a bit of time and energy to get here . I had to start somewhere first literally . I remember it as clear as if it Happened yesterday. That I just had enough of the excuses . I seeing all these people doing so many amazing things with there life . My grandmother had a saying why keep something if it does not have a purpose . Other words you have to feed your mind positive ,motivating things . As well as your body .

The Journey Begins

I started cutting off friends,family, and negative self talk . How Can you start new with yesterdays junk still there ?? Simply put  you can’t!!! From There ask yourself when life gets hard whats my go to ? The one place that pumps you up and lifts you out of your nasty mood . Faith plays an important part in that as well as my family . Family to me is everything that helps keep me grounded . It’s like chicken soup for the heart and soul . The stronger I got physically ,I also felt mentally . Now I Have such a belief in myself that it does not bother me what others think about me . Trust me parenting is hard enough to do when you are constantly questioning every move you make . At the end of the day who cares what others think anyways ?? As long as you feel good about yourself and your kids and family are happy,clothed, and feed . Your doing a great job !! It is my strongest belief that everyone is put here for a reason . You will reach your goal no matter what you do, no matter who is standing in your own way . You Are enough !!!

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