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PTSD & How It Started For One Family


The Talk With Lady

Being around some other wives you get to hear many different stories . This one story just blew me away. It all just started like any other day with your friends . just having those girl talks with others. We were all talking about our issues with life,kids,and marriages. When one of the ladies had asked where to get some help for there husband. This was when it took a turn in our night. She had said her husband was having issues sleeping ,agitated,depressed and not right. We talk a moment to breath and think on this one question. Then it she shared her story .

Kate’s Story

This lady just let’s call her Kate started talking . Her husband had deployed and came home from Afghanistan. The first two weeks he was home she noticed he was different. At night he would go to hug her . while he was sleeping he started choking her in her sleep. She was able to break free and wake him up .One night she noticed he was not next to her . She heard something downstairs so she went to see what it was. He was patrolling the house. Even one time grabbed a knife thinking he was still over there.She was able to talk him down and back to bed.


How Do I Help

Kate even got in a car accident trying to get everyone out the house before her husband got home. She put him in between a rock and a hard place .Either you get some help or we are done. They found a pastor on post who helps with light therapy. It’s called EMDR light therapy. he was working the therapist and mental health.They are on a great track now . The sad reality is that 4 of her husbands friends have committed suicide. which is the sad part of this whole story. She allowed me to share her story hoping that it may reach someone else dealing with this issue.Get the help that they need and maybe even save a life .


Where to get some help

My friend Seth Allen Mayer can help you .just click the link to send him a message ..

Here is some more information for those here in Fort Campbell Area .

Theres also a course that is completely confidential for active duty .

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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