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Be Slow To Speak But Quick To Listen


An Answer For Everything


Sounds familiar ? yup me to .being picked on as a kid I learned early on to be on my toes .growing up has not changed that either .hanging back ,feeling out the place before you open up .Your a ball of nerves when first meeting people that you always speak first ?scared to let those in because you don’t want to be hurt .All of those very thing to help keep you so safe . Are the ones that are hurting you at the same time .people will never get to meet the real you if you don’t take a chance every once and a while .

Negative Nancy Back Off

You know your a pretty amazing person to begin with right ? It’s that little voice we all have in our head that gets in the way . Tried mediation, music ,going for a walk . all of that to kick her to the curb to no end . if your like me I battle with her daily sometimes in my life . As confidant as I seem ,I myself suffer from some lack of self confidence at some point .That’s where friends play an important role in your life .if your asking yourself if your a champion ? check out this blog post on it .


It’s All Just Data

Yes you read that right . An amazing friend and I had a great conversation . She told me something that made me really think . She said stephanie it’s all just data .there is no right or wrong answer to this question . It helps you better improve yourself or whatever your working on.Also by thinking about in this way . helps take the whole emotional aspect out of it . So instead of answering or acting on emotion . You think of a better way to improve upon whatever it is your doing . tell me thats not just a great tool to use in your everyday life ?

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