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Speaking Up



I know that I strive to be truth about some experiences.things that happen to me or others in my life.the truth for me is that I lived in a world of fear.thinking that the way to protect myself from hurt and my life by a blueprint.always searching for this safe blueprint.that would tell me live this way . You won’t get hurt.You will make all your dreams come true. Guess what that blueprint. Doesn’t exist at all.

The Blue Print

For some odd reason in our own minds we really think.Someone is going to give us this winning recipe in life.if we read a million and one books on a certain subject it will make us more qualified in some way. The truth is we are all different.what worked for one person may not work for you.trial and error is our best friend.

Learning From The Pain

You know how we learn to walk.we fall over and over again till we understand how to balance on our feet.think of life just like that . Without the knee and elbow pads.yes I laugh as I say this.from ever mistake we make we learn what to do and what not to do. The biggest part of that lesson .is how to listen to listen to what we truly want.

Approval Of Others

Being the hugest mommy’s girl alive.all jokes aside I call my mom everyday.just to make sure that I enjoy every moment that I have with her.also her approval and her being proud of me mean the much so that I forgot to ask her if I make her proud . One day I did when I was ugly crying about something that went wrong .she held my hand like most mom’s do and said what would make you think I’m not proud of you. Yeah I’m not crying . Your crying comes to mind.

The Machine Called The Brain


Yeah it was all in my own head. That kept telling me she would not be proud of me.or a disappoint to her. Funny how we get stuck in our own head so much.we start to actually think things about ourselves that aren’t instead of think I’m a bother.just ask someone .Believe me when I tell you .They will let you know.

Take 5

Checking in with yourself is so important.just like life changes at the drop of a hat. So do our wants and needs.even our fears of what the future holds can be scary.That’s where the poem who you are came from. How some people don’t want to forgive you for your past. that fine that’s on them. As long as you are moving in the right direction.your paying your bills,taking care of your family , working your program.You are succeeding in my opinion.don’t Be afraid to speak up and say what you my amazing friend Sarah says closed mouth don’t get feed.

Who You Are

Who you are; is who you strive to be
Don’t worry my friends my past doesn’t define me
No longer afraid to speak it into existence
Claiming my life and living for myself
Walking into the new year with a higher purpose
Kicking fear and doubt out of my inner circle
Keeping up with the checks and balances
To no longer leaving me in the emotional negative
Self love reigns supreme this is the year of love
Embrace ever flaw like my high power loves
When doubts starts to whisper in my ear
I will always remember this;
This is my life and I get to choose how I live it
If I don’t like ; I have the power to get up and change it.

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