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The Past Pain

Growing pains

Sometimes the journey that we all go through in life . Have this strange effect on people when you share them . Everyone thinks we have it all together from the outside . Really on the inside we are just as lost , scared, and scared by life to . I share My most painful memory to date . My mother likes to call these phases growing pains . Since we eventually overcome the challenges . Sometimes more then not we have not learned the lesson . We ended up repeating said lesson till we get it .

Being Bedridden

I remember the pain of it all . Being stuck to a bed was not fun . I felt like I lost my sense of being . I always wanted a family and taking care of them . Once something that you always wanted gets taken from you . It takes a toll on you . You feel useless,depressed,and like a burden to everyone around you . It’s a deep dark hole to fall into .Once there it’s very hard to break out of that zombie mode . It can be done but with help from family and friends .

Time to rise

I get asked how I got out of that bed . I remember having a conversation with some family members . They helped remind me of who I was before all the pain . How I never lost hope in whatever I faced . It was so true and I forgot it . That very day is when I decided to get up . I’ve been fight back ever since then . The journey of a thousand steps begins with one step . It’s not the easiest thing to do but can be done . At the end it will take hard work,dedication and an open mind . To be able to embrace this new way of thinking . After all it’s a brand new you . Your waking up to . One that’s full of wonder and surprises for the future .  Embrace this new you and rise up .


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