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Warrior Slash Peace Maker


Truth bomb


I never knew I was a fighter guys . Much more of a peacemaker myself . How I finally discovered that I was one took some searching .

The beginning

Ain’t it funny the excuses we tell ourselves. We can’t do this , that or the third . I found this spot where you get weighted once a month . They give you a meal plan as well . If you don’t lose weight your out no questions asked . Yup you read that right . I signed up to do this because I’m competitive . Plus it tackled my biggest weakness FOOD !!!

Learning curve

It was so hard at first . Changing the way one eats and does things is pretty hard . I had family try to say your not eating enough, give up , and my favorite you will never stick with it . As you can see I did stick with it but learned a new trick as well . I made it my own in a way . By using herbs to bring out flavors, right combo of food at the right times plus water can change a person . You know your girl loves her adult drinks I mean hello 4 kids . I need to have something to enjoy with my husband from time to time . Clear liquor is what I stick to with a two to three drink minimum.

Best part

I had to get control of my weakness for food first . It was my stress reliever and comfort for a long time . I spent most of it learning how my body feels first before putting in the physical work . Well I was still sick so my doctor did not want me doing anything physical just yet . I really credit that time I had to take to learn that lesson about myself . Struggling like that was how I found out I was a warrior.

Warrior slash peacekeeper

For people like me that hate to say it out loud . Don’t want people to feel sorry , or there pity . Overcoming difficulties helps you see yourself for the first ever . Add challenge, learning a new way and accountability takes it to a new level . So for people like me I created that community called the inferno. You have mix a little self-belief in there to help . I put peacekeeper because let’s face it I have 4 kids . There are some battles that this momma has to help bring peace in .




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