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Why Do I Need To Change

The Journey


We all know it’s not the journey but the destinantion.For some that maybe true but for others the whole process of change can be uncomfortable to say the least.they have a certain way of doing the same thing over and over again the exact same way. disrupt that cycle and it can bother there emotional state of mind.even to the point that the person will become sick,anxiety, blood pressure goes up.How to interrupt the whole cycle in general is the’s almost like your mind is living inside a cell  with a little window. In order to truly live your life. You gotta break free of all the things holding you back. the worries,the lies we tell ourselves and that we can’t change when in fact we can.


Power Of The Mind

You always hear people say how powerful the mind is.In fact it’s so powerful that if you believe it hard enough. so will the body.when you start to challenge yourself and the way you think. listening to all those negative people that maybe around you all the feel powerless to change till you have had takes daily practice on facing all the lies we tell ourselves on a daily .there was a typing test I could not pass.Something about the teacher saying you have this amount of time to finish would make me sweat.till I learned a trick at home . some may laugh but I actually recorded the teacher saying those words and the practise taking the test.I got so use to hearing it that once I walked in there on retest day I finally pass it.Though that is just an example of how strong the mind is.Taking those steps to face whatever fear you have in spite of them and doing it anyways.




Practice Makes Perfect

Now don’t get me wrong here life is far from perfect.with it’s many ups and downs we learn a new skill in order to deal with it.We even learn that it’s ok to accept help sometimes. though that’s a hard one that still gets even me from time to time.keep marching forward with that thought.I even say to myself a phrase over and over again .I replace fear with love and courage .in times where fear is very much present in my life.When it’s uncomfortable that’s where change starts to happen.Like a child trying to walk. how many times does he or she fall ? many but they just keep trying to walk.They may end up with a bump on the head but they still continue to keep trying.


Feeling Comfortable


Remember that cell of the mind we were talking about earlier. You look outside that little window and dream of what is out there. beyond that cell and wall. if you have spent your whole life living in what is outside your reach. How will you know what you are capable of ?it’s going to be scary,uncomfortable, and maybe painful.At the end of all of that is your goal of a person who has a break leg. they need physical therapy to build the strength of that muscle back’s the same concept. How long do we complain in our life? funny how we notices the things we don’t like before we even bother to look at what we do have.we wrote a blog titled Taking big steps . click here to read it now .taking big steps


Grateful Everyday


I actually tried this the test out on myself.instead of complaining or thing about what went wrong today.I would choose one thing that went right. focus on  that one thing so strongly .That if my mind wanted to complain.I shut it down.noticing that being angry,sad,or just self pity. it all started to go away.Looking at how others face their challenges differently then I did.Helped give me the strength to keep on moving forward.Funny thing about inspiration it can come from anyone.from small child to older person.We always learn something everyday if we look hard enough for that makes us that much more wiser in life.To see things clearly most of the time for the first time ever.




A poem titled The Change

the idea for this poem is simple.we all have many different relationships in life filled with people that sometimes makes it difficult to move on. we forget to be loyal to ourselves first and our own truth. first and foremost. in any case building a relationship with who you are before anyone else is very much important. after all how will we ever know what you truly want in life if you don’t even bother to ask the most important person in it. yourself what you want and how you want to live this life.


The Change

A man builds a woman:A woman builds a man
You can’t help but think people just don’t understand
Everyone’s wants to be a diamond but can’t stand to be cut
What I’m trying to say may hurt very much
No matter where you go people will always hurt you
Through that pain is where you can build inner strength
The courage to stand and fight
Be a voice when you thought you lost it
Never worry about those trying to spread the poison
Let your inner voice be the voice of reason
When it’s uncomfortable and your full of fear
That’s when change is coming and happening to you my dear.

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