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This Is Me

Who am I

Life is definitely a journey. Full of twists and turns. So it should come as no surprise that during those times.We need to take some time to reconnect with who we are.what we want and need to take care of ourselves. Now throw into the mix everyday life chaos. can make it difficult to take that much needed time to yourself. Once your able to take a deep look at what you need.Then comes the hard part.Speaking it out loud .


Everyone Putting In There View Point


We all have friends that think they are experienced enough in life. Telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.we all have those friends and family members. telling them to just thank you for your input.then making your own choice is the tricky part. we all want different view points. Now the problem comes in when you can’t even hear your own voice over everyone else’ can be a very confusing and challenging time. not knowing where to go and what to do. The best thing to do I times like to take some time for yourself.the truth is this is your life. nobody can live your life but you.those that love you will respect you and your choices.

Using Your Voice


The hardest thing to do is to just say what you want.even if you do tell those that are close to you. hey this is what I want. it’s almost like they still can’t hear you. keep repeating yourself to those who still keep trying to change your mind. once you get tired of repeating can always just say thank you for sharing. everyone is entitled to there own opinion.but it is still just that an opinion. we all make mistakes in life. if we never make a mistake how will we ever learn from it?

Let me make my own mistake


I use to be the type of person that let everyone else make the mistakes. just so I would know what to do and what not to do.great plan right ? yea well you see the issue came up when someone asked me what I truly wanted.

I had no clue at all. everyone thinks we have all of this life figured out. guess what everyone. we don’t at all.that OK to. some learn as we go. by us making those mistakes we learn more about ourselves then anything else.


This is me


This is me was written because it came at a time where I finally realized my own power and strength.I could finally hear my own voice loud and clear.for the first time in a long time.When you have so many voices all around you all the time. you tend to forget the most important voice of all to listen to is your own. once you do start listening to it.there is a sense of freedom in it.not need anyone’s approval on those choice you make. as long as you can still look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.that the most important thing in life.

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