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Alex’s Corner Episode 1 Mom’s Coffee

How it all started

My daughters were sick and so I had to make a Walmart run . When you get in a car accident and your eldest son takes over care it’s a huge deal . Now he is so shy and needs a confidence builder . while I’m sick and not feeling well I get this lightbulb Idea about how to help him . He has such a great personality but needs a push sometimes .Plus I needed help with some small things . At his age I use to cook dinner,help my sisters with homework,and laundry.I remembered when I started doing these blog and video’s. I was scared to do them and write my thoughts out . I had a friend of mine tell me just do it . Once I started doing them I found them to help in getting some confidence in front of a camera .Plus it’s a bonding experience to have something that’s just him and I .Enter alex’s corner stage left . I asked him if he would like to create a blog series with that title . Just a little boy cooking things .

The Lightbulb Idea

I had this challenge for myself to do these videos . It helped me come out of my shell so why not him as well . I asked him if he would make me my favorite coffee ? If I could record him making it as well ?
He was super nervous but he did it .
Made me laugh and super proud of him . Sidenote I had to help him to start out with . He ended up taking over and his face at the end is a shock .

What You need :

Sugar or stevia
Coffee maker
a teaspoon of sugar in coffee mug
Teaspoon of truwhip in mug as
Coffee grounds in maker
Press the start button
Once coffee maker has stopped mix coffee
Serve to momma


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