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Bonding Tricks And Tips For Deployment

Putting in the work


You always hear about the deployment craziness .Yes it happens but part of the challenge is making it work .We have been together for about almost 15 years .Marriage takes work just like anything else .Now add in deployments .It can put stress on anyone . It’s not the easiest thing to do during the time apart . We found that through trial and error these things work for us .Here are some tips that help our family bond even though the distance.

 Golden Nuggets

So we do books like the 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman and The love dare by Alex & Stephen Kendrick .We each do a chapter out of the book to work on our relationship .We pray together and use the book thirty -one prayers for my husband by Jennifer Smith and he has thirty-one prayers for my wife by Aaron & Jennifer Smith .We say them to each other . Family thing we do is I brought a tripod for the family dinners .Yes 15 hour time difference so he maybe make breakfast and I dinner .We still do it together and eat dinner as well .The kids take turns around the dinner table taking one good take away from there day and one bad thing that happened .We talk about together as a family .We never want to lose that bond with the kids as they get older .

The Wrap Up

In short these are some of the tips that have helped us .We have a saying in this family . Either you make the deployment or the deployment makes you . Something we always tell each other if we have had an especially hard day .You can find these books on iBook or iTunes as well .I love audiobooks because I can take it with me anyway .Plug it in the sync in my car and listen to it while the kids do as well .


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